Agricultural Machinery

Traditionally, the agriculture sector is based on manual labor. Over the past few decades, the industry has been based primarily on foreign workers and a cheap manpower to carry out all the jobs in the agricultural sector. Over the next few years, the costs of this workforce will increase significantly, in addition to the bureaucratic difficulties and limitations arising from the need to obtain approvals for employees, etc.

These difficulties and limitations affect competitiveness and despondency in the industry, especially given the increasing importation of fruit and vegetable, at low prices.

The solution – increased automation in the agro-machinery industry.
Examples of projects planned, manufactured, and carried out by Seal Projects in the field of agricultural mechanization:

  • Adjustable fruit bin trailers.
  • Planting drillers to streamline planting work.
  • Trailers.
  • Pallets for universal carts.
  • Table saw and conveyor belt for sorting and packaging agricultural produce.
  • Arborist tractors.

We strongly believe that those who haven’t yet realized that Agriculture is moving towards automation, as any other industry, will soon enough fall behind the competition. 

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