Meet The Founders

Roi Peretz

Roi Peretz is the co-owner and CEO of Seal projects LTD.

Roi specializes in matching customers’ needs with engineering solutions, production, operations, and maintenance. Roi is a class expert in water environment machinery and has many years’ experience dealing with the implication of corrosion of metals in wet and salty environments.

Prior to this position Roi was the head project manager at Admir Projects Ltd., a company specialized in dredging, dewatering,  sludge pumping, and geo-tubing.    

Roi holds a Mechanical  Engineering degree with a specialization in water machinery from Ruppin Academy in Israel.


Matan Peretz

Matan Peretz is the co-owner and COO of Seal Projects LTD. 

Matan has over 20 years’ experience in welding and infrastructure, ever since his military service as a navy welder. 

Matan has vast knowledge and experience in planning, building and repair of vessels and naval systems. In addition, he has acquired all the necessary knowledge and licensing for welding all types of metal, including aluminum, stainless steel, and hard metals. 

The people who make
the difference

Our team consists of Engineers & Mechanical Engineers in the fields of Hydraulics, Electrical and Manufacturing.

We bring years of experience and knowledge to every project. All that and more assures our clients that the finished product will meet the requirements and conditions of the environment their equipment operates in.

Our Clients


We take pride in achieving the highest standards of service and professionalism. We see great importance in promoting a business environment which is fair, reliable and trustworthy.

Fully certified:

ISO 9001:2008